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Live Desktop Streaming via DLNA on GNU/Linux

TWiT and the Ubuntu terminal on a TV set via DLNA

Many modern TVs (and set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc.) support DLNA streaming. Suppose you have a PC that stores all your music, downloaded podcasts, video podcasts, photos, and so on. You can run some DLNA media server software on your PC and stream your entire media collection to your TV over your home network. No more carrying around USB sticks, it’s all in your home cloud.

On GNU/Linux, I am using MediaTomb as my DLNA server. It’s nothing fancy (it’s a file server, after all), and it just works.

Okay, this takes care of media files stored on your PC. But can we do more? Is it possible to stream a live capture of your desktop to the TV?

Let’s say you’re watching a Flash video in your browser, and there’s no way to download the video file. Or, you’re watching a live event being streamed via Flash or whatever. It would be kinda cool to be able to stream that to your TV via DLNA. And it’s possible—not trivial, mind you, but I’ve seen it working at least once…

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